Hawkewynde Hire Services


Armour Gallery

Contained here is some of the armour available for hire.  If you need to find out for about the items listed here for your next event, ring 0414 344 127 or E-mail hire@hawkewynde.com.au

Combination 1 Full Plate Armour

Combination 2 Full Plate Armour

Combination 3 Full Plate Armour

The Full Plate armour above is actually worn in combat performances with combination 2 being Kerrick's favourite combination.  Click here for an image of Kerrick in his armour.  This armour on a stand for a static display is the singularly most expensive item on the hire list.  You can also have this armour on Kerrick and hire him on an hourly basis for your function which is more effective and works out cheaper.

Maille Armour "The Knight"

Maille Armour "Falkeritter"

Maille Armour "Darksun Soldier"

Maille armour displays are the most popular of all our armour displays.  They are easy to set up and can be configured in any combination the client prefers.  We have provision for 4 maille displays at any one time.  These maille displays are also available as costume hire, for those desiring to wear the maille armour, be mindful that the hauberks (down to the knee) weigh 15Kgs and the bernie (chain shirt) weighs 10Kgs.  Click here to view a couple of mercenaries on maille armour.

Dark Ages Warrior   Romano Celt
Our "ancient" series takes in the genre of the Celts, Vikings and Saxons, again we can mix and match different elements to create the ensemble that best suits the client.

German Bascinet

Pot Helm Roman
The helmets above are used for display.  Just like a pair of shoes can finish off a great suit, so a helmet does an armour display.  These helmets can also be used on their own to adorn a table setting.
Hounskul Barbute Dark Ages Helm
  Dog Helm  
The four helmets above are all wearable and used on combat.  They are also used for display purposes.  If you are interested in buying a similar helmet to these here E-mail on propshop@hawkewynde.com.au