Hawkewynde Armoury 

Replica and re-enactment weaponry and armour


The Hawkewynde Armoury is a cottage hobby enterprise specializing in making theatre props and re-enactment weapons and armour.  It must be stated that while we make replica and re-enactment artefacts the products of the armoury are intended for display and the purpose of mock combat for recreational and re-enactment purposes only.

If you are looking for hand crafted replica or re-enactment quality arms and armour, give us a call on 0414 344 127 0r E-mail the armoury.

The Hawkewynde Armoury is host to armourers and artificers that are members of the Perth Medieval Community. 

Our guest armourers are:

Stefan Olesen 

Colin Halden his mobile: 0403 681 513

Brad Morris from the Hall of Antiquities

Current Projects

Current projects are a way of showing what is being worked on.  Pictures and explanations can be viewed on the Current Projects page.

The Armoury Registry

The Armoury Registry is a detailed catalogue of artifacts produced at the Hawkewynde Armoury.

Public Registry

The Public Registry is a listing by owners of arms and armour, the purpose of this listing is to provide a common record of legal ownership.  This service incurs fee negotiable with Hawkewynde Armoury  call on 0414 344 127 0r E-mail the armoury.

From the Forge

This page provides news of current open workshops, links to associated websites and items for sale will appear from time to time on form the forge as well as other useful bits of information.