Hawkewynde Hire Services

This hire service is unlike most others.  Most of what can be hired is termed "medieval" while not able to supply all things medieval we hope that contained herein will be of assistance in what you may be looking for.


The armour for hire is usually real and has generally been worn in battle by enthusiasts, re-enactors and actors.  There are also a few armour display stands available for hire.  Shields and helmets come under this heading as well.


Props is anything to do with furnishing a room or enhancing a static display.  Some furniture items come under this category as well.  Banners and flags can be found as props as well as feasting gear such as plates, goblets and cutlery.

The Props Gallery


Occasionally were are asked to provide people in costume or armour for a more dynamic display.  These are our mercenaries, we are the booking agent for Darksun and a band of knightly types known as the Falkeritter which are two of half a dozen medieval groups that haunt Perth Western Australia.

The Mercenaries Gallery


The hire of weapons is for public display and our mercenaries use only.  When wanting to hire items that fit this category, you must first be over the age of eighteen years of age and be able to pass a police clearance check.  For an idea of what can be available for exclusive hire or built by the our pro shop visit Hawkewynde Armoury

The Prop Shop

The workshop that maintains and builds our props.  The prop shop may be the answer to that special something that you have been wanting to put in your den, play or film project.  Whether it be a replica sword or a wall banner, Hawkewynde's Prop Shop may be able to make it happen call: 0414 344 127 of E-mail props@hawkewynde.com .au to see if they can make your order.